WP8 What's my IQ solutions

What’s My IQ? is new brain game. It contains brain puzzles, and tricky solutions that you will never ever thought of.Each question is particular. Think out-of-box, don’t think straight! At the end of game you get your IQ.
Get your IQ now and share it with your friends! Here are the solutions for game questions.
  1. Press the red circle. It is the largest one.
  2. Press the  "Answer 2" button. It is the button on the right side.
  3. Press "button" in the question title.
  4. It was red.
  5. Read the question backwards. The answer is fish.
  6. 44. It is smallest by size.
  7. alphabEt.
  8. 23-15 is 8. Press "8" in the question number box.
  9. Move the redbutton. Camel is behind them.
  10. 3rd compass is pointing at the word "north" in question title.
  11. Tap the green one.
  12. Answer is 12.
  13. Wait until the green button displays. Press it.
  14. Move your finger left-right on the glasses and clean it.
  15. Lef-Top button blinked. Press it.
  16. Press the green button.
  17. Press question number box.
  18. Press the small rock on the right side of screen.
  19. All months have 28 days.
  20. Move "the ball" from question title.
  21. Press "Run the car".
  22. Tap on the fuse and hold.
  23. Lock your mobile screen and than unlock it. You turned the light off/on.
  24. You see 5 phones. One in your hand and 4 on the screen.
  25. Shake your phone. The answer is 5.
  26. Let the bomb to explode.
  27. Press the cup. Don't miss.
  28. Press the rock with 2 fingers at the same time and pull it up.
  29. Room with three lions because they can't live for 3 years without food.
  30. The earth is furthest from word "us".
  31. Press the X on the triangle.
  32. Turtle.
  33. There are 8 holes. The t-shirt is double sided.
  34. The last mistake is the missing dot at the question title.
  35. 1 apple, 2 cherries, 3 bananas. It is ascending.
  36. Shake your phone.
  37. You still have 3.
  38. Move the square at the border of screen.
  39. Tap the glass 15 times.
  40. Write "something".
  41. The torchlight is facing at button "Left".
  42. 12.
  43. First mistake is: LIKES and second is: MISTAKES (there is only one mistake).
  44. 3rd foot from left.
  45. The answer is 0. The candles are not on the cake.
  46. Touch "the pail" and "water" at the same time.
  47. [A]pple,[B]ananas,[C]herries. It is ascending.
  48. Shake your phone.
  49. 1 - three letters, 4 - four letters, 7 - five letters, 11 - six letters, 15 - seven letters, 18 - EIGH LETTERS
  50. Put "handicap" from the question title to the free parking lot. It is now handicap lot. Now, put the car in the handicap lot.